Rylo Enterprises is a leading custom product manufacturer specializing in custom product needs and providing advanced design services. With a focus on serving our customers, Rylo Enterprises caters to a wide range of clients including law enforcement, government agencies, small businesses and non-profits.

Available in any shape & size

Custom Patches

Our patches can be backed with a hook and loop material for easy application on uniforms, jackets, backpacks, bags, or anywhere else! Patches come in a variety of materials including all-weather PVC!


Free artwork and design consultation

Enamel Challenge Coins

Bring your custom challenge coins to life with a unique shape or beautiful colors. Plus choose from many plating and edging options.


#1 option for labeling equipment & items of high use

Heavy Duty Hi-Tack Vinyl Decals

A strong 12-mil glossy laminate can withstand heavy use, while the hi-tack adhesive establishes an unbreakable contact with almost any flat surface. As a result, they rise to the situation, providing the ideal solution for surfaces that require unwavering support.



Enamel Lapel Pins

Custom metal pins are filled with vibrant enamel colors and are a popular custom item due to their inexpensive price point, high-quality manufacturing, and timeless look. The metal base is die struck and slightly raised, while the enamel is filled into the recessed cavities. These custom enamel pins work well with any design or logo.

Button label

environmentally friendly & unique

Uncoated Kraft Paper Stickers

Meet our eco-friendly, high-quality sticker material. Our kraft paper material, created from recycled paper, is the best alternative for creating an earthy, rustic-looking sticker. These paper stickers are durable, but shouldn't be used in the rain.


a 3d option that you can see & feel

Epoxy 3D Vinyl Decals

Step into a world of dimension with Epoxy 3D Stickers, a symphony of style and substance brought to life by the the art of polyurethane resin. These extraordinary dome stickers add a compelling 3D attraction to branding and products.


perfect for the pride parade stickers!

Holographic Glitter Vinyl Stickers

Add a little sparkle to your sticker for an extra dose of charm. Our glitter substance can turn any design into a gleaming, glittering sticker. Create an entirely glitter-filled sticker or just a few elements of your design.


metal looking stickers for that extra 'wow' factor

Brushed Alloy - Glossy

The brushed alloy is a self-explanatory and pristine material composed of aluminum elements that is designed to resemble a layer of finely brushed metal. This substance is metallic in nature but light in weight, so you can make stickers that seem like metal in a variety of colors.


also availble in glossy!

Matte Mirror Vinyl Stickers

Our mirror material's shiny edge and brilliant reflection make it extremely popular. Make all of your designs reflective, or choose to have the mirror effect only in specific places. Our matte laminate, which is immensely popular due to its smooth, silky touch and appearance, is also available for this material.


Cheaper alternative perfect for the kids!

Gloss Vinyl Stickers on Sheets/Rolls

Make personalized labels on a single sheet of clear or white vinyl that are ready to peel off. Instead of receiving separate cut labels, customize your labels with special text and designs and receive them on a single sheet. For several dozen ready-to-use labels, get multiple sheets.